Bashyam Narayanan

Allow Us To Have Our Privacy - Poem by Bashyam Narayanan

Allow us to have our privacy
I spotted her in the narrow passage
Of the first floor of this eighteen storied block
There a number of similar blocks
So many people around
That we go unnoticed
And we managed to establish a habitat for us
Ensuring that no one has seen me
I approached her to convey my romantic intentions
I signaled and before I could make out her response
I saw a man stepping out from the lift
And both of us moved away
The next time I saw her was on the roof top
I managed to reach her
This time with the determination to be sure of her reaction
I got near her and made my intentions clear and loud
She moved a bit away in silence
Her silence gave me the courage to get nearer
I even touched and carefully ran my fingers over her
And missed not to massage her attractive curves
Before I could read her a crow flew past her head
She getting frightened moved away and disappeared
Quite a number of times this happened
And my mission to be with her in private
Never fructified
Frustrated as I was, looked for a good chance
When I located her in the second floor varanda
Where no one normally appears
Probably both the flats were unoccupied
I reached and we were together with really no one around
She was ready for a go with me
I was preparing for a grand togetherness
Sun was mild and just warm
Wind just comfortably cool and flowing
What else you require for a blissful intimacy
All these plans got thrashed
As a stepped in from the lift
Explaining to those following him
The special features of the flats and the rent expected
We got separated again
We, poor tiny doves, living in our habitat
Never troubled you and
Never came in your way of making love
May we request you
Allow us to have our privacy

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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