Funom Makama

An Indirect Self Afflicted Tribulation: A Situation Never To Be - Poem by Funom Makama

My lateness once more has caused me immediate damnation,
and my unstable state, a product of my lost attention.
Overcoming the limitation by doing three person's work at once
resulted to a failed manipulation of compressing minutes' activities into seconds
just to beat time and achieve punctuality.

Reaching for the door with already aggravated emotions.
In self caution, I knew something was still missing
then I realized it's a stuff I cannot go without.
Oh My God! This means, beginning all over again.
A complication I most feared in situations like this.

My dwelling place now seem a mansion
as even my bedroom has undergone exaggeration
which at this moment isn't as accommodating
as the habitation I once knew.
Starring at the plain surface of the mirror Table gave no answers
and already praying for the fruitful termination of this trying time,
as I searched among the cosmetic items it harbours.

In continuation, my next step seem predictable
walking towards the four Cabinets just beneath the Mirror
from Up to down, I opened each in desperation;
in destruction to the organized pattern,
my hands re-shuffled their well placed contents.

My next location is obviously the wardrobe
and even with the intense frustration
I was still calm enough to suppress the friction with myself
as I searched each and every pocket of my clothing
which are all hanging in straight vertical position.
And yet, my state gradually reaching exacerbation,
cos' there is no answer.

Searching, thinking and worrying all at the same time
made me function physically below par.
The escalation of such a dark moment is becoming inevitable
which is now as difficult as to suction an entire sea
and the stress from it more than of a man longing for an erection.

The disconnection of my senses is in complete procession,
I really wish all these is just an animation,
cos' thinking is becoming out of the equation
as my random reactions speak volume of my calamity.

In milliseconds, my Pillows are in two corners of the room
I prayed for any sort of temptation but not this
as the bed calmly accepts my aggressive search
of my item which suffers an ungodly abduction.
The Investigation continues with a quick scan through my shoes,
and finally leaving the room with no appreciation
which now looks like a ghetto market of a third world country
and a demotion I usually never allow, not until now.

The larger sitting room just increased my retardation
having hope of finding my 'Precious' would be mere hallucination
so therefore, I barely did much other than a mere Inspection.
Yet, cannot find its location,
which simply increased the heap of burning coal on my head.

I held my nerves to accept the repercussion of my carelessness
but wondered if re-incarnation also do occur with inanimates.
my overcrowded mind now facilitating cerebral oxygen consumption;
the more I try thinking, the more the feeling of an empty head formation.
Clueless with no reasoning is now my definite diagnosis
which is unfortunately beyond all forms of medication.

Not knowing where next to go,
I'm already creating an abstract circle
as I moved round it's circumference in the middle of the living room
Adynamic with mental incapability is a completion of my Tribulation.
So hopeless, helpless, reckless and restless are all an addition to my plight

Not even a vampire's yearning for blood is as pathetic as I am.
and searching for a phylum in the whole Animal Kingdom
or spotting a purple tiny dot
from the heavily colorful Robe of Queen Victoria
are almost exactly the predicament I find myself now.

Already tired of exclaiming several holy Indignation
careful flash back and calculations of my previous movements
yielded no results.
'check the Double Seater' was my last thought.
And as I acted in submission to that command,
the invaluable material surprisingly fell off my shirt
My Car Keys!

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 14, 2012

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