An Ode To Chimwemwe Poem by Chikondi Daniel Dziko

An Ode To Chimwemwe

A gentleman of our land
There I sit and watch her
Damn! Ain't she a rose
Wonderful is her beauty

A fisherman of our land
through the namwera I would go
To the deepest end of the lake
Just to fish her love

Chitemwa chaine there stood
Like a bird she sung
The beautiful songs of our land
Her voice, oh her voice mama
I would write an ode to a nightngale
I had found your match in my land

There I sit and gaze
Her eyes spoke of love
The warm heart of our land
Her love I yearn to attain

Mtsuko on her head, every morning I stare
Dendekere! Namwali of our village passes
Her beauty would compare to none
In her heart I want to rest forever

Beside this river I have watched her
Since my boyhood she has sought
And each day's she comes back
To draw water from the river of love

Today she comes alone
Oh my beautiful chimwemwe
She brought joy to my heart
Her Mtsuko broke, Phwaa!
Many have drunk from that Mtsuko
What would her mama say

So she said no word, there she sits
Beside the fire in my cave
Laid on my chest she sings
her songs soothe this heart
The birds sing with her
How melodious was her voice

A thief of our land
Now I hold in my hands
A beauty so lare
Would God dare
To Judge me?

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