Suhel Akram

Angel Of Righteousness

pertained emissary in austerity of treacherousness,
doth thee feeble thou animus carved knife in guess,
scars doth pile up piercing flesh pounds grind,
nor thou assail tenacious to shred mind.
valor he erects still awaiting thou pounces,
know thee feeble thou animus backpedal thou reaches,
flies thee buzzing bee back thy cavern.
emblem of annunciation slips vernacular,
nor thee dare dodge in thy lids close slumber,
nor do critters move anguish touching eyes bare,
relinquishing misery in bruise every where.
on spur of moment evolved the time,
wind up at Magnolia lap washed off grime
afflictions out inconspicuous in astray
nor doth missing those pounced flesh in gray,
what spells charismatic enshrouded?
who do be so beneficent emancipating?
what doth words do call her in vernacular?
nor codex doth hold `em ulterior.
sights black retina doth go aggrandisic,
abstract images both build up microscopic,
went words in praise searching codex repository,
words not meet up nor doth the phrases in flattery.
princess she in gown wise and ASTER-IRIS crown,
walked she off those streets afflicting with grin,
seeded smile in ninny-hammer dis-plating ort of day yester,
breathed in the zephyr aromatic as never,
shower of grace, gentility and daintiness she amble well,
hold she hands scouring dreams fragile and ephemeral,
as drops showered as pavement scoured in longer
envisages thine (Levo TH) turned calumny satire.
spells her reincarnated today after thee
murdered the last day.
what do thee be called, Angel of RIGHTEOUSNESS?
how do cognominate thee?
what treasures thee doth appraise?
may doth dig ocean of that for thee amaranthine.
curve mountains of those for thee the Everest.
what doth he say?

Poem Submitted: Monday, February 27, 2012

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