margaret haig

Rookie (19th/06th/1954 / Carlton Vic)

Animal Count. - Poem by margaret haig

Animal count, is what I like to do,
While I'm counting, watch them too;
The funny things they do together,
They get themselves in a muddle.

1 little duckling loved to go play,
Out in the sun, and waddling away;
Liked to explore, around the farm,
But sure liked to cuddle into my arm.

2 little tigers, thought they were tough,
Until one got sore, coz the other was rough;
They ran to mum, when it was time for tea,
They argued I want first go, but they saw, it was plenty.

3 little penguins, playing out in the Snow,
Mum said stay close, to the water don't you go,
They soon learnt, mum knew what was right,
Because killer whale, was waiting them to bite.

4 cheeky monkeys, Up in the jungle tree,
Teasing their family, pinching food, dad they didn't see;
He was watching for quite awhile, hiding away,
Then came and frightened them, and said please obey.

5 smart bunnies, out watching for farmer dong,
That they don't get caught when he came along;
They are rabbits who love carrots, to eat for tea,
But farmer dong had a trap, which they didn't see.

6 sweet kittens all brushed up fluffy, at the cat show,
Waiting to be judged whose cute, who'll win a bow;
One white, one striped, and 4 with not much fur at all,
But each didn't care of winning, they just liked a woolen ball.

7 naughty puppies, Pulling things about, and chewing a shoe,
Each not caring what his or her sister or brother wanted to do;
But; when it came to bed time, they ran to get the most to eat,
After they'd had their play, and food, sure was tired, they were beat.

8 noisy Jackals, Waiting at the waterhole to finish the scraps at the river side,
That the king of beasts, had caught, but he was watching them they didn't slide;
His catch that was so tasty, he won't let anyone pinch his tea,
But they waited till he chased another deer, weren't they silly.

9 horses frolicking out in the summer sun, chewing on hay,
When they saw a new member, who was coming to stay;
They waited awhile, he looked different to them all,
Because it was a miniature pony, he was so very small.

10 seals at the Zoo, swimming in their cool pool,
Playing chasey, and also diving, but didn't like school;
Their carers and cleaners, loved to really care,
Teaching ball games and tricks, and count they were all there.

As I write of this poem, I think of every animal around,
And of the cruelty, if people keep it up, none will be found;
God told us to be caring, to watch they are safe, it's true,
So join with me, and protect them, so please will you?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Today there is too much cruelty. Let's save our animals.

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