Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Ares - Poem by Justin Reamer

I am Ares,
And I am the god of war,
For it is very
Nice to meet you,
My dear friend.

You may hear otherwise from
My family,
But I am
The manliest god around.

I mean,
I know how
To fight
And how to take
People on,
And I am the strongest
Of them all.

However, to the other gods,
I am a pain in the arse,
But that is okay,
Because I am a brave warrior,
And I can impress anyone,
Even the lovely Aphrodite.

I guess my problem
Is that I have a bit
Of a temper issue.
I have a bit of a problem
With anger management.

My family says that
I need to take anger
Management classes
In order to take care
Of my horrible temper,
But, hey, I don't have
A terrible temper,
Do I?

I mean, c'mon,
I'm a nice guy;
I am nice to people,
I am great company,
And I am great to
Have around in sports.

Okay, so maybe I get frustrated
With video games,
And maybe I smite people
When they tick me off
Or outsmart me,
And maybe I get a little angry
When people cheat at discus
Or fencing,
Or even swordfighting,
But that doesn't mean I am
A bad guy, right?

Of course it doesn't!
It doesn't mean I have
A Type A personality,
And I don't hurt people
On purpose,
And, hey, it's cool, right?
Yeah, I guess you're cool
By me.
Thank you for that.

Now, my family thinks
I am really irritating
When it comes to war,
Because I have no strategy,
And I always screw everyone up,
And it makes everyone angry.

Now, I don't know
What their deal is,
But I don't need a plan,
Or even a strategy,
Because I just go out
And do what is required of me,
And I improvise on the spot,
Doing the best performance ever.

I mean, I am the best warrior
In my family,
So it would only make
Sense that I don't need a strategy,
But then again,
Whenever I get stabbed,
It hurts like hell,
And I hate it.

Pain is death to me, man,
And I guess all I can do is cry
Because it hurts so much,
So even though I am a warrior,
I try to avoid pain as much as possible,
For pain is my worst enemy,
And, yes, it makes me cry.

However, Mother and Father
Always hate me.
(In case you
Did not know,
Zeus is my father,
And Hera is my mother.)

My mother says I act
Like a toddler,
Like a child,
Because I am impulsive,
Rude and obnoxious,
A crybaby,
And foolish.

My father says I act
Like an infant,
And I am a bane
To all the heavens above,
And that I should have
Never been born,
And am a fool,
If anything.

But, hey,
Screw them!
I have my own life
To live,
And you know what?
I am the toughest out
Of all of them,
And I know what I am doing,
So they can just
Suck my @$%^@.

So, yeah, I am tough,
And I know it,
So that is what matters to me,
Because I am the god of war,
And you shall hear my cry,
No matter where you are,
So you better watch out,
Because I may come after you,
And I will show you
Just how tough I am.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is another one of the Greek god poems. It is meant to make mythology entertaining. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment and vote.

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