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Art Of Successful Failure - Poem by rommelmarkmarchan beyond poetica

Man is destined to be successful in life but why others are plunged into the ravine
of failure despite of the potentialities to succeed. Worst is they already fail even before trying.
Tehse are some sightful niches to evade such failing.

* failure to try - if a man of action sometimes defeated by the course of unavoidable
circumstances, how much more the coward and never attempt to try
And no dreams at all.

*object-proliferating mindset - a man who wants to get all what he wanted collectively
and no list of priorities is already a man of defeat even before investing for profits

* a mere illusionist - men of success are dreamers but never an illusionists. They embody
their visions because they believe that they can make into a reality.

* a man pleaser - pleasing anyone to promote himself or to protect his self-interest will
demoralize his moral influence, thus lead into catastrophic end.

* a shadow walker - he will be a limb duck in the absence of anyone's shadow.
Be yourself to face the scorching heat of the sun.And you sweat by your own toil.

* a passive thinker - though how brilliant his ideas is and match with genuine heart but he has
no tactical actions in executing his strategic thoughts, he is condemned as failure.

* an aggressive-plan blower - ' early bird catches worm', goes an old school of thoughts. Smart worm is
in alarm so it tweets, ' an earlier worm escapes from the then early catch of the loud-humming
bird'. Be secretive in nurturing your plan and keep it first within yourself.

* a balloon-injecting needle man - instead of thinking of how successful should life be and how it should rise up
to its height, this kind of man has nothing to do but to poke a random hole of destructive criticism
just to pull back everyone to the ground.

* an advance negative thinker - he is not a destructive critic, no crab-mental mindset, not even a clock watcher nor
a man of slumber. In fact he is a man of action and not a burren undoer, however, his instinct negative thoughts
oftentimes sabotaging his enthusiasm. Gives no room even a slightest doubt of winning.

* past-blaming, people-accusing egoist - this man is with backtracking emotions mirroring on his wounded past,
keep searching on the missing link bridging instead towards a bright future. Totally defensive character,
who never detach himself from his escape-goat reason of why he never become like this and like that.

* success hater - strange but true. He who doesn't care about fame, career and modest living.He's an odd dreamless but
a fellow of talents who hates success and be successful.Call him a man of failure, a cow, a bastard and
believe me he's proud of it. His ego lies on it. For him, success is responsibilities he has hated most.

* extreme sociopath and the like - extreme anti-social disorder is negative asset for having a success-oriented mind.
Now is an age of social interaction. Thus, interpersonal relationship is a must indeed.

* insanity - insane for those who would use their abilities.longing for the luck
Until he has lost it all

Now, where's the 'art'...

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