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As She Stood There - Poem by Keli Mims

(originally written: Auguat 19th 2011)

As she stood there with an upturned face,
A man behind her held her waist.
Tears flow from her beautiful eyes,
As the looked towards the night sky.
Now words to define, nor describe her pain,
The stars would keep her sane.
She searched the dark sky hoping to see,
Wanting to see what wasn't meant to be.
She looked, her eyes met by stars.
Her wounds were cut too deep, too far.
Her eyes left the sky into downward dispair,
The wind blew softly through her hair.
She swore to never stop loving him,
Swearing her search for him wouldn't end.
As she stood there with an upturned face.

His eyes searched the grey gound,
Shuffling his feet without sound.
He dared not to look behind him,
He couldn't bear the pain her eyes would send.
He couldn't turn to face her,
His hot tears made his sight blur.
His sorrow was drenched with pain,
He knew he would go insane.
Was not his own pain enough?
Even worse he could feel the broken love.
The dying pain to be in her arms,
To taste her lips feel her warmth.
It was hard not to regret the choice he made,
The choice that led to this fate.
His eyes searched the grey ground.

She tried to keep busy, tried to forget,
All those times she'd never regret.
She tried not to feel that aching pain,
Of her dreams falling into the drain.
There goes the life they had planned,
Washed away like foot prints in the sand.
His words in her ears sounded untrue,
His sentence: 'I love you.'
She threw her cares out into the wind,
Saying she's forget all about him.

Years dragged on, he aged five in one,
Always feeling pain in what he had done.
He fell in to the habbit of drowning his sorrows,
Drinking his way into all of his tomorrows.
Everynight reaching for his phone,
To tell her he was all alone,
That he still loved her, still wanted her,
Yet the drinks would always make the numbers blur.
And his courage never rose enough,
Enough to confess his love.

After seven years of being apart,
She found a new taker for her heart.
Falling inlove she ignored the thought of him,
Swearing she wouldn't give in again.
Doing great till one awful night,
Something wasn't quite right.
She was sick, the waiting dragged by,
Till the news came, she may die.
Her old heart was no good at all,
A few months at most was the doctor's call.

Tears flowed from his eyes when he heard,
The news about his girl, his world.
When he first heard her sweet voice,
His heart and soul started to rejoice.
Then the crack in her voice she started to cry,
When she told him she would die.
A few tears and a long car ride,
He ws back there at her side.
In her hospital room, he continued to apologize,
Telling her he was rash, foolishm and un wise.

She layed there hearing his love for her,
She knew inside her love still stirred.
They confessed all that was felt inside,
He held his arms open so wide.
She embraced him warmly once again.
Feeling that she still loved him.
He kissed her soft pale lips,
Caressing her face with his finger tips.
She fell asleep in his strong arms,
She felt at ease, without any harm.

He knew what he had to do
As he whispered: ' I love you,
I always have, I always will,
I loved you then, I love you still.
You are everything, my world,
The most amazing, beautiful girl.
With a heart that loved all,
It's only beautifully wrong flaw.
I love you and you deserve the best,
And you won't get any less.'

She watched him walk from the room,
She could constantly feel the love that bloomed.
Before he was back she heard sierns,
Minutes later a nurse was extatic with what she learned.
A better conditioned heart was available,
And everything was perfect for her.
Excitement came over her as she was prepped,
Her joy jumped and leaped.
She left him a voicemail, her joy made her weep,
As she quickly fell asleep.

Doctors rushed to get her this heart,
Working the body like a piece of art.
Everything was working out perfect,
And her wait was well worth it.
The doctors finished and sewn her up well,
This news they were happy to tell.
Another fifty years that heart would do,
Only a tid bit none of them knew.
But she'd find it when she'd wake,
A sacrafice for her own sake.

She woke up in her room all alone,
To the ringing of her telephone.
She answered it with joy in her every word,
Till the horrid news her ears heard.
She understood as it registered in her brain,
She got a new type of horrid pain.
Tears flowed from her upturned face,
She could hear his voice, feel his lips' taste.
She screamed out in agonizing pain,
Was this what would finally drive her insane?

She stood there dressed in all black,
The sun was settin to her back.
Her heels sunk into the soft ground,
The minister's voice was the only sound.
He knew she deserved the best heart,
And a new, less painful start.
She stood with a downturned face,
Swearing his sacrifice would not be a waste.
The sun lowered behind her back,
As she stood there dressed in all black.

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