Kathryn Brookins

Ask - Poem by Kathryn Brookins

Washing the self clean, and cleansing the soul,
watching the clear sky, and white clouds roll...
roll on by without a care in this world at all,
making us all seem small, even a man 7 foot tall.
Colors so magnificent, that we name just to understand,
like wading in what we call water, or sitting on whats called land.
Where did these names come from? Who told there names to man?
Like sitting is what we call... sitting, and running we also call ran.
What if there were no names for things around us to be defined?
like the names of trees, shrubs, coffee beans and vines.
What would that be like, to see and have no name?
Would we lose emotions like love, hate, happiness, anger or shame?
What if we could talk and speak, just didn't have names for these things?
Would that makes us more emotional, is that what that would bring?
a closer connection to what we see and have no words for?
Or a more distant thought to what might be on the other side of the door?
How did we get so advanced? What is the truth?
These I wonder about sitting in the little cafe's booth.
sure I have better things to do,
but don't you often wonder about these too?
imagination is good, and questioning the mind is even better..
Hey, why not just sit down and ask a questioning letter?
A letter to anyone that will respond in kind or because of intrigued,
just because of something that you surely believed.
Be crazy, ask questions, understand where it comes from..
questions are smart, no matter the subject... not dumb.
imagination is good, and keeps us young,
so lets open up to that, and even use our tounges.

By: Kathryn Brookins...

If you don't know... ask, or you will never know, the deepest questions that exist in your mind.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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