Franc Rodriguez

Awakening Of The Kraken - Poem by Franc Rodriguez

Time dwined since the Kraken frightened,
the shoal of knorrs of wayfarers in the sea.
The stillness of the waters was to be wrested,
by the winds that aroused the ships that rove.
The ships of the brine felt its blind madness,
that gared manifold souls to flee.
Amongst the heedful minds of the kinsfolk,
a sudden fear of the Kraken quickly strove.
Amidst the duguth of the sea would come,
a brave Viking from the wayward athelings.
The tale of a bold slayer on this day of bode,
would rise to douth and thus befall.
He would be chosen by the elders amongst,
the throng of sundry fearless striplings.
Onto the endless sea the ships of the heleths,
sought the Kraken from morning till nightfall.
They saw upon the fortnight the wrecked sight,
of shended hulks of ships amidst the mist.
And within the depth of the darkness of night,
the howling winds blew upon them mightily.
The bewailing cries and moans of fallen souls,
they heard yonder whistling adrift.
But soon through the eerie mist of the moon,
the Kraken bustled onto the waves so swiftly.
A thump pounded upon the hull of the ship,
they were wried with the tentacles of the Kraken.
Then they fell onto the sea like hapless souls,
into the whirlpool of the drowning waters.
There amidst the strife stood upright Einar,
wielding the sword of the Norsemen.
He stared into its eyes as it thrust upon him,
he slew the fifel as it was told by the elders.
And henceforth the gryre of the ruthless Kraken,
they no longer saw through the mist of the moon.
The blustery winds and the bustling waves,
which followed them were now still afresh.
And the lave of men that strove abreast Einar,
roared their horns to thank Aegir for their boon.
And with his sword at hand he durst the Gods,
as he upbraided them with the Kraken’s flesh.
But the almighty Gods would make him thole,
till the foreshadowing of the oncoming lode.
And the breme son of Vithar would be heried,
as the slayer of the foremighty Kraken.
The awakening of the Kraken was forewritten,
within Viking lore as time yode.
And Einar would then wend to and fro forever,
upon the seas of the clans of the Norsemen.

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