Awesome God Poem by Mark Meck

Awesome God

Built from nothing has everything come from love
This earth, the sun, the moon and all stars above
By Thy word commanded, the world was wrought
O Lord, how awesome thou art.

Rain from clouds fall, to the earth and lakes below
And flowers in summer bloom, obedient to nature's law
How beautiful nature is, that by word is this canvas of art
O Lord, how awesome thou art.

All these worldly wonders in six day you made
From the moon and the stars, and the sun that never fade
I wonder on which spindle is supported the sun that its heat will not melt?
O Lord, how awesome thou art.

How awesome that I was created, from dust and the breath you gave
How fearful these signs of life, that in death we cannot relive
I wonder how at the cross of cavalry, the same death you defeat
O Lord, how awesome thou art.

How much would the blind give that they may see?
How much more the lame that they may walk: but to me, all for free!
To the righteous and sinners alike, your blessings you impart
O Lord, how awesome thou art.

Friday, January 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: praise
Mark Meck

Mark Meck

Harare, Zimbabwe
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