Bargain And Confrontation Poem by MBJ Pancras

Bargain And Confrontation

‘One among the twelve, here I am before thee,
My friend, Lucifer, the brightest of the bright,
Once shining in the firmament ‘midst the Holy One.
Thou wert offered a place for thee, and thou the ruler
Of pleasures of invisible pangs and mythical travail.
Offer me Thirty pieces, and I will pledge my soul.
I am with Him, and my kiss on His cheek ‘cherishes' thee,
For thou hast offered me a seat in thy domain.
Thy words enticed my soul and I am at thy feet,
For pleasures on earth excel the unknown glory,
Who bothers the unknown while the known at my eyes.
Here's my bond with my blood unto thee,
And let me be clothed with thy cloak of desires.
Thou knowest, I walk with Him, He ‘believeth' me,
(The Anointed is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.)
Proclaim thy freedom into mine, I will be thy slave.
Teach me thy statutes, and I will build thee statues.
I believe thee, for you listen unto me;
But He never listens to me, and I have no belief on Him.
Bless me with thy magical wand, and I will be rich,
I will make castle of treasures with the Thirty pieces.
My soul is at thy feet and thou canst reign me.

One among the twelve, was I with Him in peace,
My enemy, the black serpent, the deceiver of Eve!
Thy offer of Thirty pieces have turned rusty,
For my kiss on His cheek turned betrayal,
Thou gavest pleasures, and now they're in my bowels burning,
Thou hast enticed my soul, and I am in thy snare,
Now pangs of pleasures rend my soul to bleed,
My heart fails to repent for my soul already rent,
I bother the known full of pangs, and there's no unknown.
I will throw the Thirty pieces at thee! Sell my bond back!
Let me be clothed with the Mercy of the Anointed!
HE knoweth, I walked with Him, I would fall.
Now I fell; my freedom is stolen; I am thy slave.
Let me learn HIS statutes, and I will worship Him.
I failed to believe HIM; Yet HE listened to me.
Now my cry is at thee that thou canst listen to me,
Hate me that I may be out of thy power,
Take my riches, and let me be poor,
And let me be cleansed with HIS Blood.
Take my castle of treasures and throw me into the manger.' (Judas)

‘Thy bond is everlasting with me, and I can't break it.
Come with me unto the Fire and we will burn together.' (Satan)

Friday, February 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: betrayal
Judas' betrayal of Jesus Christ and its aftermath
MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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