vicky saladino

Bargaining With The Devil - Poem by vicky saladino

Lets get packin
were on our way
how hard it is
not to sway
leavin behind an empty house
with the walls closin in
bills a pillin
shit a flyin
where do i begin
bargaining with the devil
what a way to go
takin me down to
the depths of hell
can't explain how good it feels
bargaining with the devil
makes pleasure so real
nothing else matters
not family or friends
not power or gas
even our food
comes out of trash
eating and sleeping
are useless endeavors
when bargaining with the devil
is all that matters
if i only knew then
what i know now
i would have turned
my first hit down
sorry not interested
is what i would have said
would rather keep real
thoughts in my head
not give them to you
to twist and distort
and have me believe
your will is of worth
for all of the years
i've been in your power
camouflaging my thoughts
for one more hour
to have you in me
so i can be normal
your deception is strong
absents of morals
the mockery you make
of an impending light
keeping me down
so i have no sight
it must be that way
when you deal with the devil
he mercilessly guilds you
to the bowls of hell
masking your pain
with the devils concoction
is a certain guarantee
to a path of destruction
so keep one thing in mind
if your ever in doubt
watch for the signs
there always about
he's looking for the
weak the vulnerable and the scared
this describes us all
we are everywhere
targets for the devil
while he makes his hook
to catch us in his snare
and then were cooked
life is really hard enough
even without the juice
in an addictive society
where pills and booze are fuel
so try to avert the powers that tempt us
to a crashing descent
in a world so full of hate
and there is no forgiveness
think where you'll be
in years to come
so many choices
so many wrongs
choosing a path
where it's hard to hide
free from the claws
buried deep inside
or broken and lonely
needing a fix
oh how i swear
just one more time

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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