Luke Bushen

Basketball Pts.1-3 - Poem by Luke Bushen


My name is Luke Bushen
and I love basketball,
though I honestly believe
the sport is loved by all.
If you don't think you like it,
I have an explanation:
you really are obsessed with it.
you just haven't come to that realization.

Anyway, yeah, I'm hooked.
I can't stop playing the game.
Though I don't play it
for the money or the fame.
I play it for the dunks,
the quick decision passing,
the buzzer-beater shots,
and the physical board crashing.

I play it for the blocked shots,
the transition and fast break,
the ankle breaking crossover,
and catching you with the pump fake.
I play it for the trash talk,
and getting in your head.
I play it 'cause I love it,
like I already said.


If there was something I could do
to help your situation,
I would do it right now with-
out any hesitation.

If you would just admit that the
best sport is basketball,
you would be less of a bum;
but hey, that’s your call.
And so instead you sit there,
without any life at all.


The final seconds tick slowly down
The crowds loud roar, a deafening sound
Sweat covers my slick wet skin
My mind is focused, intent on the win

I take two dribbles, then crossover right
A gap in the defense comes into my sight
I cut through the hole, towards the free space
But the defense reacts, gets a hand in my face
I spin to my left then sprint down the floor
We’re down by two points, desperate for a score
I quickly approach the three-point line
I’ve practiced all year for this one chance to shine
Adrenaline pumps, defense closes in
I explode into the air, focused on the rim
I release the ball and it shoots through the air
But time seems to stop as every eye stares
The ball’s flight takes it through a high arc
Then descends toward the hoop, right on the mark
The buzzer blares it loud harsh sound
But in my mind that’s just background

I watch as the ball falls soft through the net
“Swish” the sweet sound that I’ll never forget
Than-BOOM- electricity flows through the stands
An incredible roar comes from all our fans
I’m hoisted on shoulders, patted on the back
Cheered on for the courage that I did not lack
Mission accomplished, our team has succeeded
A win in the books, our opponents defeated
The feeling of victory, nothing’s quite the same
And such is just a fraction of this great game

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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