Beyond Crossroads… Poem by kunjubi varghese

Beyond Crossroads…

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Petals of the heart hold in its hues,

The pigment of sexuality.

Scriptures, Vedas, myths, and epics, in

Every culture depicts these stories.

And history never fails to reiterate them.

Imprinted in human mind, these stories

Reappear and the heroes and heroines are the same.

Except the differences through cultures,

Names differs, attire differs and scenario too.

Also songs; we call them: love songs, duets,

Melodies, pops, or even soft blues.

Man cannot exist on his own; neither woman.

He is, and she also lives in the shadows of a thought

Enveloped in sexuality, through fascination,

Adoration, passion, lasciviousness, co-habitation,

Or even matrimony; then procreation, to fill the vacuum

In his or her existence, to make it perfect.

This want is towering in the mind as

A craving of the soul, to find its own mate;

A thirst for finding the better half or the other half

A longing, to discover the missing hemisphere.

Ruminating over one’s self, the presence

Of a woman, invade the subconscious.

As, if in the mind of a woman too.

It develops into a hypothesis.

Deep inside, someone calls or cries,

From the cave’s mouth of the body.

Who calls?

The call of the other half reverberates in the marrows,

In the mind, in the sinews, in the desires

And makes a duality; a unison, in one’s being.

And pine for a support from the other half

To continue the existence…

kunjubi varghese

kunjubi varghese

Trivandrum, Kerala, India
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