Rovert Nworb


Drumstick roll across the leather drum,
Cymbal of bravery, sizzle in my ears
As I walk away from teenyboppers truth or daring
And I'm this silent weird ass presence
looming in the gloomy corner watching
And they're so loud and immature and foolish
And I walk away when I realize I hate them
They were my friends at one point in the past
I won't see them the same any more

So stumbling in the night was the direction I went
reflecting on my last day of childhood
The day I scaled the mountains exposed to the
clean forest wind aching to taste my lovely cock
In search of enlightenment from the idiots
who anticipated my words and then ignore the purpose

Oh my god, why am I alone,
For the one I love has turned in my memory to stone
She who I breathed in the breath of and tasted
the lips of, she who I embraced madly
in a bat's lengthy blue summer night,
Whose legs I became tangled with
Whose knees I kissed and whose wrists I worshipped
Whose naked back I touched beneath her unnecessary shirt
Whose breasts I studied and grazed and vibrated
in the vocal chords of my heart pressed deep in her tilted neck
Whose soft face I held smilingly against my own
Whose ears I whispered truths of the declaration
of the truest love for anyone I've ever felt
Whose mouth I yearned only for the approval of
and who told me the secrets I've long wanted to hear
Whose hands I held in my own, dreaming to hold on forever
Whose hair began tangled in mine, hair I touched and
pushed and nosed with a whiff of the most gorgeous scent
Whose body and mind and soul I aroused to the most pleasureful
intimate point of togetherness ever known to concious humanity
Whose arms I held and never let go
Whose neck I kissed and tasted
Whose tongue wrestled with mine in a fit of patient passion
And whose eyes of infinite beauty held me down and
made me sink deep to drown forever in a place
of trapped hopeless inevitable flawless paradise

The edge of creation,
The edge of life,
The edge of truth and lies,
The edge of desires,
The edge of trust,
The edge of the dreamt and hoped
Oh wonderous freedom of rare precious remote land
Shade the influence of the world from my skin
And give me the concentrated innocence bottled
inside of me
To share with the one I love for a blessed smiling eternity

Poem Submitted: Monday, July 20, 2009

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