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bleu Swayed Shoe - Poem by Gomer LePoet

Bleu Swayed Shoe

Well I've been knocked down, but I've never been out,
I've been put down, did I just sit and pout,
I've been lied to, called a stupid fool,
stabbed in the back, with a sharp garden tool,
had my eyes poked, by some guy named Moe,
pulled my ear real hard, and stepped on my toe,
finally I said, “Hey, I've had enough”,
arched my eyebrows high, and talked real tough,
if you wanna mess with me, you're in for a fight,
I'll get you with my left hook, and then my right,
you've crossed the line, you done bit more than you can chew,
you can kiss your ass goodbye, you scuffed my Bleu Swayed Shoe

well I''ll do the time, if you give me one good reason,
didn't kill anybody, never have committed treason,
I pay my taxes, and go to Sunday school,
always have believed, in the golden rule,
ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies,
sure, I've done things, that I really do despise,
but one thing is sure, I never messed a mans kickers,
except that one time, with all those banjo pickers,
they kept spittin on the floor, I warned them in a nice way,
you need to be more careful, with that nasty old spray,
when they finally hit my foot, what else could I do,
I kicked their hoosier asses, with my Bleu Swayed Shoe

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 29, 2010

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