Noah Body

Blinders Removed - Poem by Noah Body

First in childhood's innocence do we see clearly
Without shadowed, twisted judgments, open to all
No blinders inhibit us from loving all sincerely
Unaware of maturity remorselessly driving our fall

We age, learn and grow wise yet are blind to the lie
Life's falsities wash out all colors of the world
Focused on ground's pathway losing sight of the sky
The magical child withers while in dark corner curled

Foolishly ignoring all of the growing obsessions
Climbing the ladder, ever more desperate to accumulate
Inner child dying under endless pursuit of possessions
Colors fade to gray, our last chance before it's too late

Pure luck or a blessing by my eyes are again clear
I know the long lies with which I have been blinded
I bought into it, believed it was me they held dear
Actions more than words show truly what they all minded

Deb, God bless her, managed it despite all the pain
With strength and fortitude all over she started
As surely for her my fears drive tears down like rain
As from the fakes and liars we're finally parted

Is it not more honest to be all alone when one dies
Then to allow ones self to be fooled by endless lies

To be so weak and needy as to accept such disregard
Self respect and all honor has severely been scarred

God give me strength and fortitude for this to correct
For once and for all to leave behind their disrespect

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 24, 2014

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