Bobby Valentino's Quest Poem by Wykeshia McCallister

Bobby Valentino's Quest

One night Bobby V has a moral dream
I was the Angel that appeared in the scene
As he walked down the beach one night
He saw showers of dozen starlights
And along came an Angel from above
Sending down my graceful love
Bobby wondered if I'm the one
That's when his quest has finally begun
I whispered 'Fight for me, my love. You're a warrior.'
He smiled 'I'll be your loving soldier.'
As he began his journey on the quest
He has faced with a very difficult test
Bobby stopped and cried softly
I dried away his tears and unturned him off
'Encourage yourself, my love' I said sweetly
He lifted up his head and fulfill the destiny
Bobby knew he's on the edge of giving up
But my love for him kept him going when it's rough
Finally, he climbed a mountain toreach his goal
When he made his way to the top, joy was in his soul
On his lips I left him a kiss
All his life he'd dreamt of this
Bobby earned his wings and we soared at our best
All Because of Bobby Valentino's quest.

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