Bowing Down Gracefully- - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

Bowing Down Gracefully-

Growth was the pattern in which I learned many aspects of life

The pain of knowing love wasn’t my friend; loyalty was my nature but dismissed

As weak and insecure.

Carried the seeds of magnificence just be beaten down and disarmed of my honor and pride.

Removed from the one love I knew; left alone to die a slow death in sorrow and grief.

Seasons and many moons and suns passed.

Each day I pray I am able to see another day but is the day really all that great to see when flying fist of fury and strange women approach claiming what is supposed to be yours and not really wanting it.

Prizes and awards are seen on the arm of a disgraceful piece of man while placing me in a corner of embarrassment.

Not brave enough to take my own life for I knew within there has to be more to this living thing than what is presented to me.

How long does one have to live in misery and depression? Something has to give.

As I sit in disarray, in my mind I see myself in royalty, draped in the deepest of purples and gold.

Crowns favor every robe this Queen own. Petals of lilac and gladiolas fill every room of my castle. I walk on stones of ivory and marble sip the fines elixirs, laugh because it feels good.

Then reality hits leaving me with bruises the same color of my royal purple dreams.

A voice follows the rude awakening demanding of forbidden things. Unwilling to give in, another force of blows slam across the back side of me knocking me forward to be put into a position of shame and degradation.

While being stripped of my innocence, I regain it by closing my eyes once again, picturing myself in my kingdom of tranquility and security. My favorite color is my safe haven from the harsh realty I have been placed in.

Soon the opportunity was given to leave the sadistic realm, and the fields of purple become brighter than any light that ever beamed upon me.

My prayers of peace have been answered. Now my kingdom is real and I sit on my throne and reign with pride, honor and blessings.


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