Breathe Better Poem by Sian Mein

Breathe Better

A cheerfully sweet lady,
happy and young.
Needed a transplant,
both right and left lung.

From the very beginning,
she defeated her gloom,
Her bubbly personality,
on Youtube would bloom.

She made all of us realize,
and opened our eyes.
That thinking of strangers,
shall avoid many cries.

With her positive attitude,
and cute passion for Reese,
Millions waited anxiously,
for her hospital release.

She believes in keeping,
things in life simple.
Smiling a tonne,
and sporting a dimple.

When we think of her,
we think of brave.
A voice to the donor movement,
she graciously gave.

Her time and her love,
with so many she shares.
Through her joyful heart,
that genuinely cares.

Expect the unexpected,
wise beyond her years.
Being happy is her catalyst,
as she conquers her fears.

She spreads special moments,
and makes many laugh.
Even if her oxygen levels,
are only at half.

She’s family oriented,
they are quite close.
Loves them all dearly,
it clearly shows.

No matter the pain,
her spirits are high.
Her mission of giving,
learned how to fly.

Through her actions and words,
she encourages us all.
With a positive attitude,
no obstacle is too tall.

In two hundred short years,
they’ll find a simple letter,
that Hélène Campbell,
helped many breathe better.

By Sian Mein

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