chris bowen

Rookie (04/30/1969 / fernandina beach, fl)

Brethern Of My Love - Poem by chris bowen

broken, see the math
this guy he comes at last
a past piece of mystery
do my darling
be come history

the fister be a special man
the dead they walk
hand in hand
the pan it fry
a bakers eye
and in the sky
my motor dies

if i fry and egg on your leg
do you segway
to your legs way?
price paid.a lover made
someone say, tis ok

the rope is frozen broke
so i soak the rope in blood
soak it good
'we would, we would, '
comes from the woods
to do the ruse and spill a pew
the darling who gave now lays in a cave
we wave our flag when we have jetlag
bag me a heart, i need go and start

the war, she bangs
the side of the cave your picture hangs
the wrangler from the west
doesnt wish me the best
a sideways chest pirate treasure contains
he's a lover who complains

the dang thangs broke she choked
she wrote a note set afloat on a mote
the king he broke his ring
soaked his hankie in a bloody thing
twice i pinged, give me two
twice i died and did this for you

mother knew and father wrote
i dont want to live on a boat
a choke float like a check
we bet the set
we dont want yet
the lovers vette will go
and if i ever know
sew a crop cirlce in the middle of town
the preachers around and his head is down
the town is special loved
and they can see themselves above

the settlement of pennies
if i get any
the lovers many and told
we are bold to sold a sun
who went and died
and became part of the sun
but the sun flower she wilted
on top of a hill
devil fish gill
god, did you kill?

the rope is broke, i hang and strangle
i dont want to be no busted angle
for the single, dew dejected
i kissed, then i wrecked it
power three, loved by me
what do you say, coventry?

i go god and ask
and if i bask in task, the earth last
for if god gave his only son
we are the only one
angels do exist and if i missed i kissed
i list you, summer dew
for you make it through
but there are two who now die
the lover in, and the rover eye
the spy in canyons
my love, my end ones
die in sumemr sails
for tonight be well

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