Jones Jones

Bringer Of Light - Poem by Jones Jones

I saw my love carried away on a cloud to the palace of the gods
Where the master of fate crowned her with a star and set her image among the heaves,
Chained to the sky her presence shadowed the very sun,
Bringer of light! confronted by your beauty even Aphrodite goddess of desire
Returned ashamed to Olympus.

You wept, and tears of amber fell to stain the ground where I stood
And I was angry when I found you stolen and seduced a caste of priests with gold
Married the moon to be near you and from there made my attack on heaven
Facing all the gods of terror, not even death, that dread divinity dared to stop me.

I found my love and drove the spirits of the dead away to their funeral games
And caught her in an invisible net with doors of brass
And she renewed her virginity in the river of forgetfulness and had no sense of sin
Hungering for travel, we revolved in infinite and empty space
Served by priestesses who lit misleading fires and sang erotic poetry.

For three generations we'll control the calender and to worship her I'bring a wreath of stardust
Mystical bride of the gods! influenced by the love star Venus
and Libra lying east of the scorpion
Who alone controls our destiny will guide us while we make love for eternity.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 3, 2008

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