Shravan Kokroo

Broken Bangles On The Floor - Poem by Shravan Kokroo

The reason is clear why I don’t wanna see broken bangles on the floor,
I have seen; felt pain of women; for whom families have shut the door,
I have told you hundred times; life is just about living BAD,
I wanna see a change; not in you but your dual personality; so far enough I had,
For me bangles are a toy, a colourful object, an identity of being a wife,
Remember always; these bangles on the floor are a way to interpret life,
Journey ends from where we had a start,
Can’t go against nature; it’s the bull who has to pull the cart,
Bangles I see on the floor; waiting for a caring hand,
Bangles are solid in nature, but start was from being sand,
Sometimes the road we travel turns to be more beautiful than the destination we want to reach,
Enjoy leading life; no matter what it turns out to be; gems like us need to preach,
I have met you in a journey; which we both know as life,
I wanted you and all my planets to be my better half, my wife,

Everything can’t be possible in this BAD phase of life,
I am glad to feel the presence of you all; let’s celebrate give me the knife,
Everyday I say Good Night, Sweet Dreams and Take Care,
This is my love for you; and I know we both do share,
I have seen women gazing at bangles kept on the floor,
Waiting for someone to change their status; tired they are of being recognised as a whore,
On the other hand I see women wearing red bangles,
I see a change; broken bangles; widows of men, who died in wrangles,
Bangles on floor; signifies a lot to me,
It represents fairer sex, whom we state as she,
Bangles on floor are seen, when life is steady or shaking,
Bangles have to be kept on floor; as it’s a part of love making,
Often we talk of beauty and the beast,
Remember chudiwala; holding a lady’s hand; passing a smile as if enjoying a feast,
Chin chin, chun chun, tin tin, thik thik, the sound of bangles I hear,
Makes me remember my planets, my love, my to be partner, all who are very near and dear…

Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 13, 2015

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