Craig Dunsdon


He was born in a family already torn apart;
raised in dysfunction right from the start.
In school he was angry, he spoke with a fist
A stain on society, did his teachers insist.
Why did no one consider, behind the hate and intimidation,
was a frightened little boy, lost in frustration?
He had no identity except through his rage
no knowledge of his past, trapped in a cage.
At fifteen he lost his first chance to grow
with every punch he was expected to throw.
Was expelled from school for something not done.
The only lesson learned; look after number one.
No understanding or compassion for the boy who was lost,
They were rid of their problem child, regardless of cost.

With no education and left on his own,
He became a labourer, worked his fingers to the bone.
A year of hard work and he'd paid his due,
He headed for London, his dream to pursue.

Three years later and he'd lost sight of his plan,
He'd made a huge error in becoming a man.
He'd grown so much, learned to love and adore,
He'd raised two children but was still pushed for more.
Not only a man who showed great dedication,
But with the world on his shoulders; a great expectation.
A man given nothing by those that should,
And yet they were willing to take all that they could.

Why is it that when a man steps into the light,
That people whittle him back down, right out of sight?
They take from those who are willing to give,
And return nothing at all, not even a chance to live.
They snatch and beg and take all they can,
Until all was left was the shell of a man.
Shown nothing in life except others greed,
Who turn their backs when they had what they need.
So what did he do from the way he'd been treated?
He rose up from his knees, he was never defeated.
He got back to his feet and he stood up tall,
And promised that never again would he fall.
He took his time and got on the right track,
Always moving forward, even when he slipped back.

Faced with a new beginning, it was taken again,
All through a chance meeting with some drunken men.
If you doubt that your life can be changed in one night;
Then ask this man who was tangled in a fight.
He defended himself in a drunken brawl,
refusing to be hurt, but they still took it all.
Thrown in prison for a year and a half,
No correction, no justice a man snatched from his path.
Put behind bars to reflect on his crime,
For defending himself, he needed no time.

A man through his innocence thrust into hell,
To live his best years in a prison cell.
He developed survival of a different kind,
To bury his heart and live in his mind.
His head stayed sharp, his exterior tough,
But inside, the lost boy who had taken enough.
If you think that this broke him then think again,
He grew stronger, wiser, and rode through the pain.

Finally, released from the prison which he'd served,
He returned to the life which he knew he'd deserved.
He'd come out of that place a very different man,
But never deterred from his original plan.

He wasted no time in getting away,
returning to the city the very next day.
He trained in the ring and carried on fighting,
And returned to the woman who had been patiently waiting.
His life once again was in the right place,
He had love and support for whatever he'd face.
Then, after eight years, he faced what he'd feared,
The love from his life had disappeared.
For the woman and he had grown apart,
Leaving the man with a broken heart.
And once again all he had been shown,
Was that the world could be cruel, better on his own.

This is the story of my older brother;
Who, just after one week, was raised by another.
He has found his way all by himself,
And refused to be placed on the deadbeat shelf.
And he has learned that whenever things go wrong,
To not turn his back and to simply stay strong.
He'll find a way to stay on his feet,
Because the fighter within will never taste defeat.
And whenever he feels that he could be knocked down,
That he'll find a way to turn it around.

He'll hold up, succeed and do what he can.
He'll always stay true to his original plan.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Poem Edited: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Comments about Brother by Craig Dunsdon

  • Roger Classer (6/8/2012 5:55:00 AM)

    More street poetry than we normally see. But very refreshing. Good job Craig. Change of pace and I felt this one from beginning to finish.

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  • Scott Dunsdon (5/21/2012 10:45:00 AM)

    this is a great poem, can't wait to see more from Craig

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