Hardik Garg (15 yrs)

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Burning In The Rain - Poem by Hardik Garg (15 yrs)

I was passing down a serene landscape
With trees all around and a space in mid
The clouds were crying I don't know why
They had behind them the sun hid.

In the mid I saw a lad
Drenched all over and seemed sad
Trying to do some peculiar verb
With in hand one or two herb

I approached and asked 'bout his work
He wished to burn a fire in the rain
His intention gave me a sudden jerk
I thought his efforts were all vain

I told him not to burn fire in the rain
The rain will not let the fire kindle
He would lose only and not gain
But he would not listen to me.

I ignored the lad and moved ahead
On returning back to the mid
When the clouds were saying no to go
I saw something that teased my head

There was something kindling in the mid
The lad stood around the thing
I approached him with loads of curiosity
That had struck me immensely

On reaching the mid I found
The lad had did what he longed for
He had burnt a fire in the rain
And did the thing which was impossible

There was a shelter too small
That only a squirrel could fit in
With branches and twigs and leaves
So that no water enters or leaves

Inside the shelter was an amazing sight
Seeing the fire burning with all its might.
The serene smoke diffusing out
And mixing into the air

I was overwhelmed I patted the lad
He was happy for all he had
I had learnt something extremely new
That taught me something absolutely true

The smallest ray of hope
Can dispel the clouds of ignorance
The lad had a real sensible's brain
For he had burnt fire in the rain.

Topic(s) of this poem: boy, hope, nature, rain, success

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