Olivia Slemmermann

Change Inthe Weather - Poem by Olivia Slemmermann

The wind blew chanting long
Heralding a change in the weather
While kneading the grasses tall
As though it was the baker's dough
Bringing down trees
And unhooking leaves
Rustling up a storm so strong
Sending mice and wren
A-scuttling to their nests and dens.

Gloom sets in the noonday sky
Birds and flies soared on by
fluttered and ruffled
In a race against the winds
The roar of thunder gossiped high then low
Flashes of lightning marking a great show
Dramatizing the peace of country ambiances
Shedding an awesome eerie glow

Radiant, drenching raindrops fall
Abundantly on the dry dusty furrows
The sweet smell of dust and earth so welcome
On earth baked cracked and barren
Now muddy, with promise of a rich morrow
Of gossamer fields and grasses
Earth is drenched and bidding welcome
To plough and seed in the furrows
Presaging a plentiful harvest for the morrow

A deluge it was submerging
The flood waters gently arising
Across the valleys and beyond
Lapping up all landscape drawn
In murky monotones and rushing on
Those fields sparsely planted
Bare hills and rabbit hutch
Streaming through pastures slanted

Meandering in pregnant rivers
In its downward journey to the South.
Taking up in its wake homesteads,
Roots of trees, earth and stone
Soaked down to the very bone
No waters are still and in fury roar
Down the rapids journeying through
Yet we despair not for long
For thought of the plough
And the seed in the furrows
The promise of a brighter dawn.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A display of natural elements bringing rain - Promise of a brighter dawn


9th Dec 2013

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