O Sudhir Janardhanan

Chasing The Monsoon - Poem by O Sudhir Janardhanan

The air hot, hangs humid and dense
The earth’s waiting, all eager and tense
A pregnant cloud in the sky, roves
Across the suns feature it moves

Lighting display begins the show
Thunder in the rear, flaunt, to follow
The light slashes through the dull sky
Lighting hides the sun, a halo in the sky

The earth knew of the coming
Felt the proximity of the rain, arriving
It waited, with the patience of waiting
Ready, with the tolerance of the hoping

A soft drizzle, almost a haze
Tender drops, as mist displace
The sun shades the endeavors
Of the rain coming down, in light showers

The sprinkle pushes up dust dry
Earth jumps, eager to meet the rain try
Small freckles form on the ground, blemish
Leap as the water drops in a flourish

Perfume, the wet earth disseminate
The taste, that fresh aroma of love made
Settle back as it wafts thru the atmosphere
See the earth under the flow tremble and quiver

Like a lover starved of love, known unseen
The earth opens itself, sinks as if in a dream
It bears the onslaught impressive, no emotion giving
The rain pulls down trees, litter of lovers preceding

The rain builds its crescendo, screaming shrieking
The earth bears the agony with only a deep shudder
The rain recedes, a lover spent with fury of love making
The earth bears the hurts and the pains in love giving

I have watched this mating many a time
A voyeuristic pleasure it is all the time
The life as it is spent, to make way for the new
A love that comes and is renewed anew

Do I love once or many more
I ask of me, this again, once more.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 28, 2010

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