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Chicken And Beer - Poem by Armand Miller

My people are too busy
Listening to todays 'rap'
To do anything
While those like me wonder if it really is rap
Because it has no message
Or maybe it does and we're not loking hard enough
I will wdmit my example is going a ways
But hopefully you'll get it

They meaning those who brought us here
Those that have the power
To keep us impaired
But see we weren't always impaired
We once ruled mighty kingdoms
Holding the title of Pharoah
And had otheres grovel at our feet
So they visited LaJinn
Mystical Genie of the Galaxy
And see they were mad that we were on top
So they wished us gone
And we were
Gone from our home
Yaken to be truly lesser beings
Work the cotton fields
And hold massa's baby
Because since we didn't serve their one true God
He was punishing us
But overtime

Punishment was over
And we're technically freed
To say, do, thinl, or believe
Whatever it is we pleased
Deluded ourselves into thinking
That this made us on equal terms
Driving side by side along the road of life
So they went back to LaJinn and they were mad that we were on the road
So they wished us home
And so we vanished
Not all of us but just enough
Went back to the homeland
To tell them of our horrors
And how skewed the idea of being slave and master
Is dfferen from being slave and owner
However do head back
And as we return
They approach us and ask
What makes you think
You can come back and take control

Simple really
The God you taught us to love
Said in his good back
That which was last
Will soon be first
And so it's our turn
So one more
They visited LaJinn steps
And since they were mad
That we were right
They wished us wrong
But not literally
They made us wrong
Becasue we can talk about
Trying to come together as a community
And the following day get gunned down
For the colors we're wearing
We'll scream and holler about
How Barack is in Charge so
Things will get better
When none of us that are complaining
About the fact that it loks like nothing happened
Have an inkling of what it takes to run a country
To busy trying to fina A Savior
And Make A Change
Not realizing we save our selves
By making small changes
Because I'm tired of being classifid
As a dumb motherfucker
And yes the word was necessary
Because no longer can I satnd by
And disrespect the mother's
Of all these hard working truckers
By comeparing them to our
insolent, lacksadasical demeanor of handling business
And I kno that
The Mother of Fudge Cake
Would be to delicous and taste to sweet
To leave such a vile taste in my mouth

But it's okay
Because we will change
Even if I have to force it myself
So don't look to me for pity
Or me to be nice to your ignorance
And accept that as a queen
You want me to see you Monday through thursday
And Call you Delicious
Because I was taught by a grand master
On how to sharpen my oyster knife
And I haven't quite filled my quota for the day
But Like I said
We'll be okay
Because when we finally do come together
And they stop treating us like Lil Tink Tink
Disqualifying us for our
Unfair Advantages (Katt williams voice)
They; re going to revisit LaJinn
And he'll say no
And when they ask why
LaJinn will take out there ludicrous wishes
'You were mad that they were on top, so you wished them gone
You were mad that they were on the road so you wished them home
And you were mad that they were right so you wished them wrong
So after your three wishes

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Tribute to old Luda

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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