Marck Riggins

Clash Of Cliché: The Nonsensible Murmurings Of Monstradumbus - Poem by Marck Riggins

(For the few, the proud, the insane)

What the hay? know what I mean? while it’s today,
use the ol’ bean
any way you slice it, gotta be da bomb, no dice, what took so long?
you're crowding my space, get outta my face, pick up the pace,
it’s not a race
where are we, anyway? enough said, full of dread,
cross me you’re dead, dime a dozen, kissin cousins

Muddied up the water, you’ve been bought, cant' get enough, called yer bluff
that's gonna leave a mark, Marck my words, left fer dead,
made your bed
bleed me dry, why oh why, not gonna fly, the die is cast, not gonna last
love you so, love you bro, I insist, you're on my list, get the gist, eat my fist!
lost in a mist, that's a new twist, oops! I missed! too much fun, on the run

I'm done, you're the one, one more time, that's a crime,
it's a cryin shame
who's to blame? ,15 minutes of fame, you got game, that was lame
up in flames, don’t play head games, I'll pick your brain,
down the drain, that's insane, you’re so vain

my main man, the game plan, you go girl, give it a whirl, if that's what it takes,
put on the brakes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, overnight wonder, classic blunder,
you stole my thunder,

Give me a break, a fatal mistake, jump in the lake, Duh, you think? quick as a wink
what's all the stink? we're on the brink, you're a fink,
before you can blink,
pretty in pink, I'm in sync, what's all the fuss? get on the bus,

get outta my grill, you know the drill, I'm gonna drill you,
gonna kill you

I'm number one, the thrill is gone, you're such a snore
the logs are sawn

you've really done it now, don't have a cow, I played the fool,
it’s old school, bottom of the gene pool
just don’t drool, school of hard knocks, that really rocks,
knocks my socks off,

Cough up a lung, spring has sprung, there's countless others,
(so, why bother?)
there's nothin to it, not gonna do it, nothing to prove,
in the groove, that was smooth, that’s the booze talking

I’m walkin, quit your squakin, keep it real, gotta peel
You don’t know Jack, take it back, gave me a heart attack,
paint it black
Bottom feeder, land shark, mud in your eye, born reader follow the leader
walk in the park shot in the dark,
around the bend, keep it in park,
will it never end?

Topic(s) of this poem: humorous

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 25, 2014

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