Rebecca Stansfield

Colours - Poem by Rebecca Stansfield

The night time was always hallow, bare,
where I'd bower my head and a doubly fair,
of nothing would be floating through,
the night time sky of grey and blue.
The purple shadows casting over,
seized a willingness from me,
but as then I did I failed to mummer,
colours turned into bloody burgundy.
The fight within me then had looped,
and courtesy to the colours blue
I was distracted by colour's the shades,
that towered my head and spoke the truth.
Bowed head I lied within my self,
to surrender to serenity,
and in-sane somehow, I had knelt,
and prayed I'd remember the amenity.
Surrounding myself with the correct keys,
were cautious that I'd be knelt on my knee's,
and kneeling did I see the tear,
tearing too properly painful for me to care.
And with every menacing thought I saw pissed and sober,
the amount of cares that I had had.
And discreet did I reminiscing over,
Discreetly, hot, dangerous and bad.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 31, 2012

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