azmat naushad asif

Convince - Poem by azmat naushad asif

Said Human to the Satan
Let I, tempt you and you tempt me
Who is lured away in the end
Let us see.

How about lust for the appetizer
Said Satan, proving himself a little wiser
To suck the pleasure out of the soul
Without being blamed
for the prizes acclaimed…
A bird free to wander around
a peck here, a peck there
in everything, which is good and fair

To be lost without any lust
Alleged human;
into the love secure; when badly in need
I have a name to call out for.
To cry on someone's shoulders
when grief strikes me, there is
little hope that glitters on.
For in the God's world
there is darkness, but not for long

With my knowledge of far and wide
I can even tempt you in paradise.
That's what I did to Adam and Eve,
with my powers I made them believe
that forever they will live
that's the dominance of deceive

But what happened was a woe;
wrath on them was bestowed.
From being celestial to being worldly
until they bowed down their heads humbly:
with merciful arms were they received.
That's the supremacy of forgiveness
God full of compassion and kindness

But he did threw me out of his array
the fallen angel, I was betrayed.
My only fault being so small,
I did not bow down to a clay doll;
so I thought of a strategy in my defense;
to make my army powerful and fearless.
Join your forces with mine
Don't be a slave but a partner in crime

I am happy to be, a humble servant
And a poor lowly slave
It will fetch me salvation; a true escape
from a sure impending doom.
It is, as you know is sure to arrive
Perishing all evil desires derived,
from you. How will you ever
escape your due?

Here, I offer you an advice
Rule the darkness, be the knight
Commit all pleasures you
Have long been deprived.

I offer you an opinion said human
Why don't you repent in submission
The angels will surely be surprised
And surely your place in heaven would be revived.

Both went away in their own separate way
Neither convinced of each other's say
Up in the heavens, sigh of relief were heaved
What would have happened if any one was convinced?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 10, 2012

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