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Crystals Of Dreams

We will empty all the rooms
The balcony we washed together
Would be empty of the shadows
Of us sittings in it.
We will gather the melted candles
The deserted poems on our table
And moments after midnight
We will gather
The scattered pieces
Of the crystals of our dreams
And leave.
We will leave
For maybe we
Could open another door
For the scent of the past may come
And fill our days
With the smell of desert flowers.
It may come, to bring
The water of the stream
Where we had a swim
Together in Hatta.
It may happen
So I can feel your heart beats
Beats under my chest
It all reminds me of the rock
Where we poured love
While Bedouin women
Hid behind the dunes.
Before we part
Hand me the light
The illuminated world of your
Amazing soul
Hand me your dunes
Your endless meadows
Help me with your shaky hands
And generous wisdom, feelings
Your impossible oasis where
Horror springs every nigh
From your springs.
I am
The believer of your sour kisses
And the hidden dreams in your wells,
I am the believer of your winds
Which erase my sins on your dunes
The beggar in front your doors
The one who gave up his life
For a few moments near your soul.
We will empty the heart from its pain
And again, we gather the poems
That were scatter
After our disappearance.
We will meet
Pick up the pieces of crystals
One by one
And again, rebuild
The dreams.
All That We Have
Because there is no one there
Now is the time
For me
To set off
On the road
Toward the desert.
I would be
Where no one covers the horizon
Or prevents the sky from falling
On my head.
When the winter comes
Or the summer nears
With its burning winds
I would be the wonderer
Who's searching
For you.
The night
Binds me like a page in a book
And when the morning surprises me
With its sun,
The red apple,
I would stand
Like old monastery's column
Uttering melodies
Of traveling Bedouins,
Praying for the darkness
With all my heart's beats
So my voice can
Reach you.
It will not be too late
In the age
To come back to you
Because your voice always comes back
And burns my life
With your hot breaths.
I see an image of your body
Laying in the dark
And I ask
How can we learn love
When night is dry
Like an old tree
And all the horizons
Are not welcoming
For the journey.
I extend my hand
But cannot touch you
I know
We are two souls
In solitude
I know that daydreams
All that we have
When our hearts search
For a shelter.
I approach wells in the summer
I find that
You are the water,
And in winter nights
You are burning with enigmatic light
Your lightning breaks the sky,
For that
My dream's desert
Is bright.
Because no one is there
We will lay down
On the shoulder of a dune
Gazing silently
At colors of far hills
We wait for no one
You might say
No more Bedouins
They disappeared
All of them
Before we knew them
Or wrote their names
On the skins of our tent
Before we learned love from them
And I would say
Look carefully
Behind our dune
I can see their souls approach us
Rising from the mirage of distance
Appearing to us from
The future.
I extend my hand
Toward you
Carrying a few daydreams
Is all that remains for us.
And we have few more years
To build our tent
Near the wells,
We will stay all night
With the light of
Our existence
While we wait for the Bedouins
Stop their journeys
To settle into the sand
We will hand them buckets
Filed with water
And they, from their time worn bags,
Will hand us
So we can learn it

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