Rohit singh

Curiosity - Poem by Rohit singh

Does height, ever made
Birds scared? ?

Do fishes get scared of water, sometimes? ?

Do droplets not think about,
Getting vaporized in sun? ?

What does water do,
When it gets thirsty? ?

How does the shadow of light look like? ?

How does silence,
Sounds like? ?

Why does silence scream so loud?

Why do trees not run,
When there is a fire in the jungle? ?

When will the sun come,
To collect his debt? ?

Why does moon borrow light from,
The sun to light up, our nights? ?

How can rivers be so determined,
To fulfill their destiny? ?

Mountains, do they even know,
How many people, live off them? ?

When will wind be tired? ?

Why does light waste its time
By going to a blind man? ?

Does time, have a master plan,
Of unequal distribution? ?

Does education, have the knowledge that,
It’s being used only for money? ?

How sad do stars get,
When they don’t see us at night? ?

Is death laughing or feeling disrespected,
After finding out that people are more afraid of
“What others will say” than her? ?

Is law not getting depressed,
Serving the very same people,
It wants to punish? ?

Topic(s) of this poem: bird, death, education, fish, light, moon, river, scared, silence, stars

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Poem Submitted: Friday, November 6, 2015

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