Quintonya Williams

Dear Lover Part 1 - Poem by Quintonya Williams

I set here and think about all the things
That would make us one and I just want to
Ask you could you love me like I'm the only one for you

Could you ever see us going through life

Could we be the next Bonnie and
Clayed of the world

I think we can be more then what people talk
About, so let's change the world as we speak,
Let's just give them something to talk about.

We could be the envy of all our friends they
Would wish they could be, live and look as
Good as we do together.

You might be wondering why I'm telling you
This it’s just something about you that make me
Happy every time I talk to you.

And I know that you feel this way to in if
You don't I wish you could feel the same as
I do.

So tell me this do you feel the same as me
Or should we keep it at a friend on friend

I know we're from here and there but I don't
Care about that. Only if I can have a chance
To be with you,

You say you been through a lot of shit will
I'm the you should be with so that I can be
There for you and stay by your side.

So let me ask you could I be the one you run
To at night when there's no one else to or
Talk to? Just let me be that woman.

I want to be that woman that makes you smile
And that is there to help you get up on your
Feet and would do anything to keep it that

Just open your eyes and tell me if you could
See what I see and feel what I feel about you.
From the time I hear your voice to when we don't
Have nothing else to talk about.

You make the light in my world shine brighter
Then it ever did before. It's like you have the
Key to my heart and soul and can't nobody
Hurt me or break my heart again. So I hope that
You’re not like the rest.

So my sweet dear lover do you think I could be
That woman you can really say I love you too. And
Really mean that shit if so then why don't you just
Tell me you want to be with me.

And that you want me to be your woman in that you
Want to be my man. But until that day come all I
Can do is dream and wish that you could feel what
I feel and see what I see. Just so you can tell me
That you’re ready and that you want me too...

Until than this is your friend
To my Sweet Dear Lover

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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