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Death Of Innocence - Poem by joses tirtabudi

Far away from the demons and ghouls
Out of reach of those that trap the soul
In the sunlight, where all is safe
Where she can lay her head in peace
Here no harm dwells, here she is free
She is free to be who she was meant to be
Innocence, her hair down
Innocence, where no malice is found
Bright blue eyes, a welcoming smile
They make you want to stay awhile
Gentle hands that never hurt anyone
A heart that has no idea of the evil that is done
Her mind thinks of that which is only good
Not polluted by the curse of knowledge of evil and good
Her light summer dress floats in the breeze
The dream that we want to believe
But the Complication of simplification
Is simplification's prone to obliteration
Innocence, though she was meant to stay
Is too often torn away
Hark, who comes across the meadow
Who hath so many good things to endow?
Comes a knight in shining armour
Lucrative Gifts doth he bear
His familiar face allays her fear
His soothing voice calms her
Her closest friend, she draws near
A smile on her face, nothing to fear
His arms wrap around her slender form
Ever so slowly, their bodies now conform
He turns now and steps away
His back to her, in her place she stays
Till he turns around, his smile gone
Now a dagger in his hand
The flatter of a friend
The precursor of her bitter end
The lips she kissed are hard
A bolt of steel strikes her heart
Her white clothes now stain red
As now all her blood has bled
He looks her in the eye
And in a cold voice says goodbye
Her closest friend was her greatest enemy
God help us, it's too late to flee
Her eyes wide in shock
Innocence lost
Unexpected, her death, sudden and swift
The end of a life pure, sending the soul adrift
The questions she would never herself ask
Now come as she sees through his mask
Now under the guise of pretence
The death of Innocence.

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