Tapiwa Matsika

Deja Vu - Poem by Tapiwa Matsika

I fell headlong into a pit of turd
The foul stench grabbed my vigilance
I stay put and continue to chew my bread
Mocking the foul smell in revenge
I look up and see I have done this before
Its a foolish thought to be in here like so
Then came the memories of the quicksand
Those quick, soft and cunning particles
The bones and the rotting protein on its end
Deadly countless million particles
Here to help me meet my end
I look up and see I have been here once
The reaper was here with music and dance
I met you once in a déja vu
You held my hands and high we flew
We were young and you were beautiful
I was tall and I was a fool
We escaped space-time and his pull
I saw you as mine and still kept my cool
You knew everything but gave me love in full
I was here once and this is fearful
That day I came all tainted in blood
You embraced me and said nothing
I thought you had turned blind
I was expecting you would say something
I had a knife hidden right in the vase behind
You knew I had been in some killing
I woke up shrieked and screamed
I saw you in the future
In a winter cold and wild
I left you home to find some wood
My mind was broken it had a fracture
Thats why I accidentally shot the endangered
In my defence I said it was defence
I know you knew well
They let me go
But you knew well
I was just myself
Why didn't you leave?
We had children then
You and I
You kept them close like hen
It was so beautiful and caught my eye
Until I woke up and killed them all
They were too vulnerable to make a call
You snored all night and heard nothing
Until you woke upon my calling
I told the truth but you embraced me
You embraced me after a long cry
I wearied in remorse I wanted to die
You never left my side
Though I knew you knew
What I had done to you
What I had done to us
Lies were continually told
Blood had been lost
You stood by me in the mental cold
Your love was the great cost
Sometimes I wanted you to leave
Go away and never grieve
As if I was finished I killed your brother
You said it was an accident
Now I was sure my mind was grandly bent
You never left
Things turned sour as vinegar
You hid my skeletons yet you had none
I was a brutally insane murderer
There are moments I wanted you gone
All was here I could see clearer
I could have killed you but I love you to the bone
I messed up your life
I messed up my wife
As was written in the book of mistakes
Then this day I met you
On my first day I remembered
I had not physically met you yet
You smiled at me
I smiled back
Spit out my discomfort
And walked to you
Told you I loved you
And always will
Alas I cant have you
Lest we relive this again
I already met you
I met you in a deja vu

Topic(s) of this poem: paranormal

Form: Conceit

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 4, 2017

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