Depart From Me…. I Never Knew You…" Poem by Adrian Wait

Depart From Me…. I Never Knew You…"

I find all ‘isms as offensive as I do the
Indifference of the wilfully disengaged
Those who bypass the pain and misery
They dig a pit for others because they can
Not out of necessity, but throwaway spite
Caused by the root of both, the heart
Nature and nurture play their part
However, they do not excuse
Deficit of love, an absence of self-respect
Fuels and inflames indifference
The lack of respect festers into a casual
Indifference, a calculated act of denial
Devalued lives devalue life. Hard hearts
Robbed of significance and purpose
Devoid of empathy and full of hate
Those who lord it over others, reveal
Hard-heartedness, hopelessness consumes.
For all their treasures leaves them lost
Dry husks of bitterness gold their god
Poor in all but poverty, surrounded by ash
Destroyed by a lust for status and power
Leaves them unfulfilled, a poverty of depth
Anger, bitterness eats them alive slowly
Disfiguring the dregs of a dying soul
Proud of their tax havens, secret millions
Rich in deceit with their plans for expansion
Unaware that tonight, their soul is required
Their fortunes built upon sand and blood
Void of human warmth or empathy
Their hatred overflows in bitter disgust
Targeting the powerless with calculated cruelty
Indifference of the wilfully disengaged grows
Bypass the pain and misery they have caused
They are crippled and distorted within
Like a Dorian Gray of our times they rot
Pain, Misery, callous cruelty their gift
Proud of their achievements, bitterness swells
Deep within their decaying hearts, hell awaits
So very proud in their evil they wear their chains
Link by link, yard-by-yard unseen manacles worn
Of their own free will, inheriting what was sown
Their ‘Churchianity' will not redeem them now
For they mocked justice with arrogant indifference
They face the most condemning words ever uttered
'Depart from Me…. I never knew you…'

Adrian Wait

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