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Ding Dong Osama's Dead - Poem by Kevin Patrick

Ding dong Osama's dead
he's been chopped with lead,
he's a sleepy head

Ding dong Osama's dead
By a black ops team in a Pakistan crypt
But I get bored and go to bed,
Ill dream of sheep in turbines instead

Rise - you patriots-
Get drunk and scream America
Wave old glory, and march with duty
Now Justice served, is wire tapping security?
To listen in on the disenfranchised
Incriminate Intel on personal live
Will it provide your world with peace?
To kill the donkeys in the elephant sleaze

Goodbye- to wiretaps
and illegal strip searches
We can cross the borders
Without abusive order
Oh No? that's here to stay,
just sing some more and pretend it's a suede
Just watch the fireworks and keep the smiles
Or you'll be flying first class with Guantanamo Miles

Sing how - to kill Islam fascist
While still in bed with Christian fanatics
Murdering doctors and restricting women's
Independent thoughts and personal decisions
Turn your head when two me are in love
But let your kids watch violent films
Don't ask don't tell, just be a man
Sing country songs and kill for Uncle Sam

Ding dong Osama's Dead
Evils toast and we're white bread
Ding Dong Osama's Dead
While were apple pie and Baseball Fed
Everything is better Now Osama's dead

He's gone- to go- where Reagan roams
In Custards sled and where the Sioux are ghosts
By butchers who are praised as Texas Prom Kings
And Creationist consumers who are born again chimps
So let's get tank and wave a flag
And root for some old fashioned good guys instead.
Bolivia's caput, the soviets are walled,
and there's a hole in Osama's head

So let's find away to clean that debt

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this last year, but wanted to wait some time after some of the focus. I think that he was an evil man, and I am not sorry for his demise, but when I saw Americans reveling it seemed to me like a fantasy, he's dead and everything is going to be better. No it just means there is going to be someone else to take his place and the problems of the world don't go away because of one bad guy.
I meant no offense

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