beautiful imperfection

Disillusioned Reality - Poem by beautiful imperfection

I see a girl, alone in this world,
trapped inside a hellish swirl.
I see a girl, lost and full of pain,
surrounded by a sea of faces, who in happiness feign.
The girl just wants to be open and free,
but her walls just can't let that be.
She wants to be free of these tears she cries,
She wants to stop wanting to die.
She wants to stop feeling so numb,
She wants to break through her walls so dumb.
But, the harsh world just won't let her be,
and because of this, she just can't see.
She's blinded by a hope so real,
that one day she'll be able to feel.
Stuck, as the world moves forward,
Speechless, she can't say a word.
Broken, trying to find an identity,
Crushed, by bitter people so cruel and mean.
Surrounded, by people so fake and mislead,
So robotic, they might as well be dead.
Forced to believe she must be a perfect human being,
she does all she can just to be seen.
Starving herself, making her body bleed,
She doesn't realize that love is all she needs.
But the world doesn't see this,
they're hopelessly lost in the never-ending abyss.
She sees every imperfection, piled up so high,
blindly searching for the perfection she craves, she turns to the guys.
But once again, they can't give her what she wants,
Once again she's hopelessly caught
in a tangled mess of lies and hate,
self-destruction and a life alone must be her fate.
As she realizes this, she slowly turns, lost and broken, to the outside world,
forever lost again in this hopeless, unavoidable swirl.
Forced to believe she can't go back,
now a life of happiness she must forever lack.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 29, 2008

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