Don'T Be Afraid Poem by Sian Mein

Don'T Be Afraid

They tell me don't be afraid to show sadness
But I get caught up in all this madness
One is fighting with their dad
And their texting me about being sad
Another calls about her boyfriend
Those calls never end

I put on a smile and listen to their tales
I hear a lot of weeping and whails
I put up that smile to be brave for you
It doesn't even matter if the smile isn't true
I just want you to cheer up a little
No matter if I feel terrible and brittle

Not once have either of you seen me cry
I just past my feelings off in a sigh
I read a book to get my mind off of everything
Little do I know what the next phone call will bring
A crying girl depressed that feels alone
Oh how it chills me down to the bone

The sound of my crying friends
Its one that shall never end
For one problem follows another
Now this one isn't getting along with their mother
So I sit and say what I must
While they are making such a big fuss

I don't shed a tear with them around
I wait till I'm home bound
I go to my room and let out my tears
Loosing my friends is one of my fears
For they are what keep me going
They talk much like crows crowing

Crows just talk away
Spitting out their problems of the day
'I couldn't get any seed' said one to another
One laughed and cawed 'oh brother'
Yes my friends have problems like these
These are one of my pet peeves

So i listen to them all
LOet them be big or small
Each one takes a piece of my heart
My friends don't know they are tearing me apart
They tell me don't be afraid to show sadness
But I get caught up in all this madness.

By Sian Mein

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