Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Eagle Scout - Poem by Justin Reamer

An Eagle Scout is someone
Who is very special,
Especially in the
Boy Scout tradition,
For he has the top rank,
And he has worked hard,
To be where he is
At that position.

How do I know?
Because I am an Eagle Scout,
And I know what it is like
To be in that sort of position.
I am not a Boy Scout anymore,
But being an Eagle has
A lot more to it
Than just wearing
The badge and the medal
And handkerchief
That come along with it.

An Eagle Scout lives
By the Scout Oath,
The Scout Law,
The Scout Motto,
And the Scout Slogan
Every day of his life.
He does not just
Go around,
Acting like he
Is the coolest kid in town.

The Scout Oath goes as such:
I promise to do my best,
To do my duty to God and my country;
To help other people at all times;
And to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake,
And morally straight.

The Scout Oath has three main parts:
The duty to God and country,
The duty to others,
And the duty to self.

The duty to God and country
Is simple.
An Eagle does his duty to God
By following his religious obligations,
Whatever his parents
Or his religious teachers
Have taught him.

A Christian would thank
God for his food
Every day,
Would go to Church
Every Sunday,
And would pray to
God and thanking
Him for all he has done.

A Muslim would pray
To Mecca five times a day,
As he was taught,
And he would follow the laws
In the Koran,
And would go to the Mosque
Every Friday,
And would give thanks
To Allah for
All He has done
For him.

A Jew would celebrate
The Sabbath
Every Saturday,
And would
Follow the dietary
And would follow the
Laws in the Torah.

And the same is
Likewise with
And Hindus
And any other
For that is the Duty to God.

Duty to country
Is the duty of
Being a good citizen
And doing what the government
Asks of you.

An Eagle Scout partakes
In elections,
Pays taxes when
He is supposed to,
Does jury duty
When he is called
To do it,
And is a good citizen
To everyone around him.

That is how he does his
Duty to country.

The duty to others
Is basically as it says
In the Scout Oath,
For people will always
Need help,
And helping people
Is the duty to others.

An Eagle Scout is always
Available to help,
Whether it be
An old lady
Who needs help
Walking across the street,
Helping someone with homework,
Taking care of someone's pet,
Doing volunteer work,
Or if it is an emergency
In which someone needs help,
Those are what Eagles are there for.

The duty to self
Is keeping oneself
In good condition
And maintaining good health;
Learning everything one
Possibly can,
And always ask questions
So that one can learn more;
And keeping one's morals
And values straight
By keeping them
And living by them
On a daily basis.

An Eagle Scout is inquisitive,
Curious and wondering,
Healthy and strong,
Righteous and pure.
He always is willing
To learn something new,
Whether it is from his
Superiors or
His subordinates,
Or even from his peers
Or his children
(When he is a father):
He keeps himself
In good shape and
Respects his body
So that he can live longer,
And keeps himself pure
Of heart, mind, body, and soul.

And that is only
Part of what an Eagle Scout does,
For there is more to it than that.
He lives by the Scout Law,
Which says a Scout is
And Reverent.

An Eagle Scout is Trustworthy,
So he is always reliable,
And can be counted on.
He can be trusted with small things,
Such as closing a window,
Putting keys in a proper location,
Cleaning a floor,
And the like.

And if he can
Be trusted with small things,
He can be trusted
With big things,
Such as putting a huge
Sum of money
In a bank account,
And taking care of
Something that involves

An Eagle is always truthful;
He does not lie to his friends,
And he does not make up stories,
And he can be counted on
When there is dire need.

He is honest in everything he does,
For he admits his own faults,
And he does everything
To his best ability.

An Eagle is Loyal,
For he stands up for
What is right,
And he stands behind
His friends and family,
And he never lets them get hurt.

If he is a son,
He is true to his parents,
And will always take care of them
When they get old.

If he is a brother,
He will look out for his siblings,
Until they come of age,
And even then,
He will be there for them,
When they truly need him.

If he is a friend,
He will stand by his friends,
Enjoy their company,
But will also be there for them,
If they need some counselling,
Some help,
Or if they need someone to listen.

If he is a boyfriend,
He will protect his girlfriend,
And he will be there for her,
When she needs him.

If he is a husband,
He will always be there
For his wife,
Because she cannot do
Everything alone,
And he will help her
In times of trouble,
And will be responsible
Enough to take care of her
And their children.

If he is a father,
He will be there for his children,
Making sure they are raised well,
And that they become
Self-sufficient, righteous,
Independent adults.
He will make sure they have
A good education
And good living conditions,
And also that they have
Him when they need him,
Whatever kind of help it may be.

An Eagle is Helpful,
For he helps anyone
Who needs his help,
And is always willing
To help,
No matter what.

If an old lady needs help
Walking to her car,
An Eagle helps.
If a man cannot fix his door,
An Eagle helps.
If a man cannot
Carry his heavy load,
An Eagle helps.
An Eagle will also help
In an emergency,
If needbe,
And he will
Help the people
Who need him.

An Eagle Scout is Friendly,
For he is happy to meet people.
An Eagle is always
Willing to meet new people,
And he is very gregarious,
For he can relate to people,
And he can understand them.

An Eagle is Courteous,
For he is always polite,
No matter if it is at
The dinner table,
Or restraint
From saying something
Nasty or the like,
Or being chivalrous,
Or even preventing
An awful sound
He is always polite.

An Eagle Scout is Kind,
For he is always nice
To everyone around him,
Even if someone does not like him,
He is still kind to all of them,
And does good things
Because they feel good internally.

An Eagle is Obedient,
For he obeys God,
He follows laws,
Unless they are unjust,
He obeys his parents,
He obeys his superiors,
And also takes advice
From people who can help him.

He is also respectful,
For there are people who
Are older than he
And have a lot more
Experience than he does,
So he is obedient
In that way too.

An Eagle Scout is Cheerful,
For he is always happy,
No matter if he is having fun
Or having a bad day,
He is still optimistically.

If he is doing service,
Then he cheerfully does it
Without complaint,
And he does it well.

A Scout is Thrifty,
For an Eagle will be wise
With his money
And save it
And only spend it on
Stuff he needs,
And will be wise with his resources.

He does not waste water,
Like turning on the sink
While brushing his teeth,
And he does not waste food,
So he does not eat too much
Or take food he knows
He might not be able to eat.

He is environmentally friendly,
By reducing waste,
Reusing objects,
And recycling objects,
And he may carpool,
Or bike
Or even just walk
To his destination.

He saves energy,
And that is
How he is thrifty.

An Eagle Scout is Brave,
Which does not mean that
He is scared of nothing,
But it means he does
Things even though
He is afraid to do them.

He takes on new tasks,
And tries new things,
Even though they are scary.

A Scout is Clean,
But not only in hygiene,
But in thought,
In word,
And in action.

He keeps his mind clean
By keeping it pure
And his heart pure by
Filling it with good intentions,
And he follows his morals,
As well.

An Eagle is Reverent,
So he does his duty to God,
And he respects other
Religions that are not his own,
And he is accepting of people
Of other faiths.

He keeps an open-mind,
And he still does what
God wants him to do.

An Eagle Scout also
Follows the Scout Motto,
Which is to be prepared.

An Eagle is always
And anticipates anything
That may come ahead,
Whether it be an appointment,
The weather,
A big event,
Or even a party,
He is always prepared.

He also follows the
Scout Slogan,
Which is to do
A good turn
And he does it every day
By trying to keep
The duty to others.

And that he does.

There is much more
To being an Eagle
Than having the badge
And the medal
And the handkerchief,
For you are a true leader now,
And you are an example,
And people will look up to you,
So if you are an Eagle,
You know what is expected of you,
Especially since you earned the rank.

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