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Easy To Know, Difficult To Practice! - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

We are nothing,
It is truth of Truth that
We are nothing, when compared to infinite wisdom around,
Infinite mass, infinite energy, infinite phenomena, infinite number of infinite knowledge on infinite topics around,
we were that puppets play on the stage,
Are we puppets and helpless, lifeless puppets?
No we are living puppets!

Puppets in the hands of destiny,
Is it true?
Nay, we are puppets in hands of our own desires and deeds,
Our own brilliance and folly!

If man's soul is in nature,
then he has to protect it from danger,
But a mind polluted by careless and reckless ego,
How can he keep environment clean?

If trees are cut recklessly, man will build his own cross!

If man's soul is in nature he has to conserve it,
Mountains and trees are his soul that bring the rain and abundance of life!

Harvest that, what one sow,
Cause and affect that follow,
one who think he is deep, somewhere he is shallow,
Somehow time will prove where he is hollow!

Knowing that he is nothing,
the baseless ego,
Useless he exist as a worm,
Sometimes as helpless as chained dog we lament,
As baseless as moving shadow,

One is free to act, but not free from effects,
So let us use this Freewill to know ourselves and live upto that,
Knowing oneself is easy and effortless,
But live accordingly is difficult,
Let us first eat for our life and not live to eat!

Let us become carefull in action,
Cautious, yet casual steps,
Save us from fall,
save us all,
with our green friends,
we live long!

Nothing is not that nothing,
but is Everything!

we learn to live as we are,
Without desires or expectation,
Not in the memory of past,
Not in anticipation of unborn future,
Let us live as if we are angels,
Lord of the universe dwell in us,
We live and work for him,
Knowing our nonexistent ego,
Get to the base of truth,
Let us be gods existing,
Representative of Almighty God,
Serene, kind, ever loving,
Honest and punctual,
Knowing our duties, performing well,
Rightfully exercising our right and might!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

My Friend Steven Steensel's post on facebook reads,

It is effortless and free
to see into one's true Nature,
but in order the insight to
a lifestyle, I have to constantly
actualize the seeing of what I really am.
Only through
patient and continuous
rediscovery will what I AM
become a close friend to my
attention and will what I AM consistently affect
the 'me'
through whom the seeing gets
My person, then, will be nurtured
directly from within; be less fearful, less resistant, less
less reckless; be more
courageous, more caring,
more mindful and - in short -
more inspired to act in a just and loving way. The real
work, therefore, is
in living the truth of what I see
so that, to the extent it is
worked at, the truth will also
work out into my person's life

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