mark littler

Eighteenth Century Faux - Poem by mark littler

Wheel to wheels
steam to steam
and the men to built it
none of this

Storm and no rain for absolutism
old masters of technology
pintail monkeys slow handed to automaton chains
trill rack flutes

poor people in the snow
even poorer people too poor for snow

old masters in art
thrones posed with straw stuff
portrait sitting gamer boys with my fat Duchess
entitled ' her good grace at mode modern demonstration of engines'
perfect clocks
more perfect birds
bird turning without a cage

Her good grace in progress followed by a puffing train of gamer apes

Tin bellows bear rises and falls
fur and skin are human
gurs like a tongue cut pamphleteer

Pulley little Shakespeare key writer
hide and shape of a six year old
over pinked soap curls in fitting velvet
age of big eyes in round head

pen moves with deep Bach movements
cogwork knows his letters
alphabet close in air

we are charmed

hymn to the widowhood of our first king George
ode to the birth of true destined Archduchess Maria Antonia

Boy in the face of a mechanical scientist
make contrasts with the lowly designer
slattery unshaven
recollecting someone
dirty pockets
hand on off spring

Adam returned from dead
Father asks 'what does a child write from the grave? '

this machine with purpose for this natural philosopher alone
pen is motion is replaced by slotted knife, straight forward razor
one page was drawn
things lost in the fire

The Ninth wonder of the Ninth wonder of the world
Caucasian fantasy
Arab Chine from Barbary
nude girl entirely in silver
so like
so glazed

Venus Diana and other frontal Goddesses from Paris
Delight Desire
Machine lacking in respect

On the Drum
Fan Dancer winds down
falls brevity
slight costume
heart is visible
Miss Hannah Hawarth of Bath -Deceased

This fake is cheap
Silver is phosphor lead

Looking like a plough horse that sat on a dynasty
My fat Duchess orders machine breaking
time breakers

out with flutes, cords, cat piano
a riddance to coal fired elephants
cachalot. unicorn
gravity moving upon the water

No one claimed Miss Hannah
Stiff boarded on show for Folkstein the Doctor Candle red anatomy
a turn of flesh chickens and sheep stealers

Miss Hannah on the drum
skin for my drum
drum upon drum
Revolutionary Drum

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 21, 2013

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