Vianca Borrero

Empty Inside - Poem by Vianca Borrero

blood red
blood red heart
blood red soul
pain like no other
every movement is forced
every smile faked
inside im hurting
im hurting bad
without her
is there anything else?
without her with me
i feel empty inside
every fight
im angry
your angry
i yell
you yell
you fight
i fight
yet inside
all my heart is saying
baby please
just give me a hug
i have nightmares
she throws the rings in my face
she takes her rings back
my heart feels like its gone
i cant breathe
tears fall down my face
i hear nothing i smell nothing
all i feel is my heartbeat
..thu mp
my mind goes into a black space
all i see is everything ive done...
im spinning in a sea of black
all i see is flashes of you
painful fire
i grab my chest over my heart
look at my hand
blood on it
im bleeding
i look at your face on last time
tears in my eyes
i let go
i close my eyes
and i just let go
burning fire engulfs me
clothes burned off
i feel the flames
the flames of my love for you
i smile
i hold onto this flame
burning bright and gigantic
i hold onto this flame
engulfing me
im floating in this fire
the fire of my love for you
i think of your gorgeous smile
that melts my heart
i think of your laugh that makes me smile
i think of your warm hugs
that comfort me to the bone
i think of embracing you
skin against skin
feeling what no one else does
the beauty
blood red
i smile in this fire
because i know
this fire is the fire of my charmander
the fire of my love
i smile in the fire of love
i cry my heart out
laughing and smiling
while my heart is breaking
i hear something
*mumbling softly*
who is that
its getting louder
*cme bck...*
*you better no fucking die on me i need you i love you*
the fire starts to burn harder
cry harder
cant speak
*come back to me! *
claw at my hands
push head back
screaming louder
... ..thump
open my eyes slowly
i see her
shes crying
she hugs me tightly
*dont leave me ever again i need you with me always*
i smile softly at her
i love you
those three words
brought me back from death itself
you are my heart
you are my light are my angel
you can bring me back from even the grips of death himself
hug you tightly
you hug me tightly
we forget everything else
its just us
for you and i
are lovers entwined
we are soulmates
so hold on tightly baby
because our love will rocket us to the moon
just hold on to me
and hold on to our love
for without it
all we have is
red red blood......

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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