Matt Mercer

Estranged Aspirations - Poem by Matt Mercer

There has always been a time,
when we thought we could bring balance,
and peace,
and justice,
to every sphere of life
But those moments, they disintegrate with time
the past becomes a lie
while the future itself,
becomes a non-reality
It makes no sense, to energise our reactions
what we thought could be, is now an illusion
Our unconditional dedication, to a once true cause,
it's now meaningless and degraded
Perfection was here...

...and now it's gone
we struggle and struggle
yet no end is near
What was intended for freedom,
and what we always fought for,
during the revolutions of time,
meant nothing,
those fleeting aspirations,
culminate in our present failure
these diseases of misfortune,
spread like an infection,
ravaging our weakened souls,
downtrodden and abandoned,
we seek re-engagement,
in this lifeless new world
Empty cognitions that were once filled with hope,
encircle our animalistic minds,
what was found,
is now lost,
the treasures are locked away,
and lost is the perfect haven
for which we had always hoped
Enlightened and prepared,
this new era would be ours,
once more, there would be peace and comfort,
in our dreams, and within our sights
And why is there such a thing as pride,
when the corrupt are relegated, to the depths they'd once created
the actions of their past, that were once detrimental,
no longer become an affliction
Their treasons are punished,
while the benevolent become endowed
the power is finally back,
back within our hands
But the dream of this world, is everything we knew,
to forget the future, is nothing new
the crippled mind of a collective, destroyed
the hope of revival is nothing but void
we heard our pleas for help, but ignored them instead
and now evil shall remember, why reality is dead

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 17, 2013

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