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Midnight Writer

Eternal Love I'Ll Never Know

Your body lays in the coffin stiff as a board. I only knew you for a glimmer of time.
I heard you passed away the other day, my heart sank, like the day you left me.
Before you were gone from my life, now you are gone from this world.
I sit here and wonder where your spirit is floating now. I hope it will be pleasant and in a place I would recognize. A place where I could maybe wander and find you someday.

Your beautiful white face, that use to be caressed by the love of our Sun, is expressionless.
Just like the day you crushed my hopes and dreams of being with you.
Sometimes I feel like I've let those days go, and some days I don't feel alone.

Today I'm with someone new, years have passed us by, but I feel dead to her and life on the inside.
Maybe it's in my mind, so determined to be with you, the only one I let myself love.
Or maybe it's just a simple fear and I don't have enough courage to just let go.

This bond I feel for you is beautiful yet so sadistic. It has controlled me ever since that day, and I'm not sure how to help myself. Everything I look at now lacks color and is seen in black and white.

The angels are flying over my head, I'm lying here thinking of you in bed.
Your dark brown hair is spread through my finger tips, I can feel every crevice in your lips as I lean in to mend them with mine.

And now your dead...I don't know where you have gone, but search for me okay? Like I have searched for you. I'll know when you return, I'll know when you are there. If I could breathe the breath of life back into your lungs, I would. If I could give life back to what we had I would try. Because is those short moments, I've felt more alive then all these twenty five years.

You'll never find someone like me again, not ever. I know everyone says that when they are left standing in the dust, but this time it is true. I never had a human choice, but as if a puppet master above my head pulled a string, and my heart loved you.

But be still now my love, be at peace and rest because I have done all the wandering and anguish for the both of us for so long. I look forward to the day I see you, and my heart skips a beat one more time.
Because in that moment I'm jolted back to life, and I know everything is going to be fine.
And in that instant it's gone, it hurts me to feel eternal love I'll never know.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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