Eyes - Poem by RAJ VIKRAM

I saw the world as I blinked
and opened my eyes
after aeons and miles
through dreamy nights
and dark days.

The world opened upon,
my eyes and I felt dazed
I don't know when I closed
my eyes or whether it was
blinded by hands of destiny.

My eyes, oh my eyes it
knew only darkness
pitched darkness which
I thought was what the
world is made off.

Light came in trickles
as a drizzle of hope
I didn't trust my eyes
I didn't trust even the
blood that sustained me.

Satiated soul that I am
sad satiety that pervaded me
made me feel that darkness
is what is and light
I did find strangely unfamiliar.

Blinked and blinked I
opened my eyes as
I had no other go
And I never had any go.
I saw light and was taken aback.

Light more light and only light,
darkness my eternal comrade
disappeared as light launched
an onslaught of
wild intensity.

Then I saw the eyes in
which I saw an image
which an unknown voice
told me is mine.
I blinked and blinked
as light pierced my eyes.

Then I opened my eyes fully
and found the light
turning into a soothing companion,
opening a new world, new hope.

I knew paradigms were there
around my eyes,
And I could see only those eyes,
those lovely brown eyes
I anchored my vision in
those eyes forever.

Then that voice murmured
See yourself, only see yourself
in my eyes forever and ever.
For seeing anything else
is akin to darkness that
was my second nature.

I am seeing myself
I am seeing my brown eyes
in those brown eyes which
remained open ceaselessly.
Eyes now speak, silently.

I won't close my eyes
I will not blink even.
I don't know whether those eyes
are seeing themselves in my eyes.
If not so why did I open my eyes.

Who threw my eyes open
Who showered light on my eyes
It must be those eyes.
I will keep my eyes open
I don't fear darkness
But I want to see me
in those eyes and live timelessly.

Between the eyes let there
be a world, a world unto itself.
When I see the world
the whole world.
I need no prodding to keep
them open eternally.

Eyes, mine and then those
And that is the world.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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