Naga Bhanu Vemuri

Facts Of Life - Poem by Naga Bhanu Vemuri

Every man experiences different stages in life. All phases differ and teaches us some lesson in our life.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Life was swaying routine manner on a plain road,
then found a diversion of three lanes in front of me.
was confused to take which way to take
decided to take left lane and
entered it. It's never ending lengthy road.
then found an ocean and my heart was overwhelming with joy
and felt to stay there for ever
jumped into the ocean with joy to swim and
cool my body. Was good for a while,
came to shore to take rest for a moment and
then again went to swim..
suddenly weather changed and
was a signal for storm
just imagined how life would be if I stay
at the beach side, changed my mind and turned back

leaving the second lane in between,
then I decided to enter the third lane
went on and on, found a jungle in front of me
was thinking twice to enter it or not and
then entered to taste the experience
its so beautiful with tall trees, greenery,
with birds chirping, small animals running in the bushes.
my heart felt to built a cottage and stay there for ever
it's good with natural fruits on trees and fresh air
roamed around for the whole day
actual fear entered in me when it started to become dark
missed the way back to the place where I entered from!
with full thick dark, every where so silent,
except some sounds of frogs and some other creatures
it was a dreadful night with the fear of wild animals to attack
just passed the night over there on a big tree.
next morning I was back at my tri-diversion road.

with full of hopes to continue my life in peace
I entered the middle and straight lane
just opposite to the one from where I started my journey.
it's really happy to see every one moving around.
though there are few obstacles in between
the road is clear. my destination is clear.
then I realized, man is a social being.
What ever consequences and where ever he is
he can not run away from the facts and the reality.
He is just a character in a drama directed by GOD.

It's good to face all experiences in the life.
Never run away from responsibilities or problems.
One may feel it very hard while you are facing the tough situation.
But later they are left as a lesson and also many as a sweet memories in our life.
I was never aware of the reality until I had experienced every thing on my own.
But now I know the value of each and every thing in my life and I am aware of every thing.

See again isn't the sentence 'I was never aware of the reality until I had experienced every thing on my own' not sounding like ego and head strong?

But no... in my point of view it's not. I feel it's my confidence in self.
Now I am courage enough to face any type of tough and bitter situation.
(I am thinking and hope so.)

And now with full confidence decided to continue my life in a normal way.
I know a bright and golden future is awaiting to welcome me with a beautiful bouquet in it's hands.

All our bad experiences are lessons to our children and good experiences are sweet memories to all of us.So be happy that our children will not face that bad what we have faced.
Be positive. Be energetic.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 25, 2012

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