Nitesh Raj Parakh

' Fall! Ng! N Love Wth Your Best Fr! End ' - Poem by Nitesh Raj Parakh

A Person who falls! n Love w! th the! r 'Best Fr! end'! s a person w! th a very tough
Dec! s! on to make that more than l! kely w! ll affect her for the Rest of the! r
L! fe.
Fall! ng! n Love w! th a Best fr! end! s never easy
! n some s! tuat! ons can end very badly,
wh! le! n other s! tuat! ons may work out for the best for both part! es.
When someone! s! n love w! th a best
fr! end,
they plan on pursu! ng th! s Love! nterest, they should probably try to gauge the! r Best fr! end’s! nterest! n them Romant! cally before show! ng the! r hand.
It! s also! mportant for the person that! s
! n love to be Honest w! th the! r
Best Fr! end,
but never too Forceful,
. Though tell! ng a Best fr! end that
you have feel! ngs for them! s a very
d! ff! cult th! ng to do,
! t would probably be more d! ff! cult l! v! ng the Rest of your L! fe know! ng that you felt someth! ng but never acted upon because of whatever reason you have! n your Head.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 16, 2014

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 16, 2014

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